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Seller Service

Our multinational and professional consultants will help you connect with international and local clients. The services of First Estates guarantee a quick realization and sale of your property.


Sales Process

First Meeting

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To facilitate a smooth sale, we need to understand your motivation to sell. Perhaps you have a target date to close or other terms that need to be accommodated. We want to get to know you & your expectations toward us. Typically we do the first meeting at your property so we can conduct an initial assessment as well as introduce you to our process & contracts. We take pride in maintaining transparency & clear communication every step of the way.

Property Inspection

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At our first meeting we do a walk-through to assess the condition of your property & ascertain its unique selling points. Sellers should provide us with the history of the property. Respective to the location & value of the listing, we note what could potentially be improved. At this meeting we sign the intermediation contract to formalize our representation of your property.

Property Preparation for Sale

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When potential buyers visit your property, they should see their new home, not your old home. A property that is clean & in good repair puts clients mind at ease, while a property with visible problems gets them thinking of everything else that could be wrong. For this reason every property benefits from some form of preparation. Depending on the listings value, this could mean anything from a deep clean & a few hours of work from a handyman, to a more extensive remodel & staging if you wish to present as a luxury offering. We can assist in coordinating the property preparation & our in-house photographer then takes professional photos and video for our marketing materials.

Pricing Strategy

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ur mission is to ensure the successful sale of your property & to do that we must make sure it is priced correctly. There are many overpriced properties on the Sofia market that sit for years with no inquiries, while properties that are even fairly priced get bought up in weeks if not days. We conduct a comparative market analysis for your location to establish the fair market value. Taking into account the value of the property, we also provide you with our recommendations for improvements that could bring the best return on investment & successfully elevate the sale price.

Advertisement of the Property

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As most property searches start online, we present your property with everything it needs to make a good impression before potential clients even visit in-person. We create floor plans & take professional photos of all of our listings & with an exclusive contract, we also create a property video. In addition to listing on the leading real estate portals (imot.bg, imoti.net, homes.bg, domaza.com, etc.) we also have a fast track program in which we push your listing to our network of active clients. Our website attracts around 15k unique visitors per month who benefit from advanced property search functionality as well as valuable informational content. We also promote properties through our mailing list, on our social media accounts & with digital ads.

Showing your Property

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When the time comes for potential clients to visit your property, it is important to give them a good experience. Lights should be turned on, blinds opened & it should be clean as it was for the photo shoot. Providing your agent with a key generally means many more viewings, as only the buyer’s schedule will need to be accomodated. Having your agent show the property on your behalf is beneficial for the sale. I takes the pressure off visiting buyers, allowing them to communicate freely & most likely, your agent knows the specific “push-buttons” that could incentivise them.

Accepting offers & Negotiations

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When an offer comes in, we inform you of the specifics of the offer as well as the potential buyer. Depending on the priorities of your sale, we help you choose the strongest offer & arrange a stop deposit to be placed on the property (typically 1% of the sale price). In the next two weeks we prepare the preliminary contract. We extend full transparency to our clients & assist them in communicating with potential buyers & other 3rd parties.

Preliminary Contract

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The preliminary contract is the first serious document & upon signing, the seller and buyer have legal obligations toward one another. This contract describes the property, the particulars of the payment, notes any leans on the property & the period of time they will be dealt with as well as the notary date. It also establishes the terms & amount of the penalties due if one of the sides does not fulfill their commitments. It is important for this contract to be clearly written & fair for the deal to close successfully. Our priority is to support our clients every step of the way, making sure they stay in compliance & finding resolutions to problems that may arise. We also coordinate with our clients personal lawyers & representatives as necessary.

Closing the Deal

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Our inhouse lawyer & your broker is always in contact with the notary. We look over the title deed, give our comments & confirm the amount of the taxes & how they will be paid. We coordinate the meeting & specify the documents that both parties need to provide so that both parties come prepared. Once the sale has been finalised we join you to deliver the keys to your buyer & sign the possession protocol. If you are looking to re-invest, we of course remain at your service!