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Property Management

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Professional property management - longterm rentals & Airbnb

Sofia’s growing housing and construction market has made home and office rental a significant income source for many property owners. Our end-to-end property management service allows owners to add real estate rental to their investment portfolio, without having to take on day-to-day work of property management. In addition to this peace of mind - our team of experienced real estate, financial and design specialists lend their expertise to help you pinpoint the right properties to acquire or get the most out of your current portfolio.


Our Services

Property Acquisition

Depending on your investment budget and expectations of % return, we seek out high-potential properties and facilitate your purchase with our high-level real estate, legal & financial services.

Remodeling or Restyling

Informed by our continuous contact with local renters we propose a design that will attract your ideal renters and manage the remodel works on your behalf - executed by our vetted designers and builders.

Long-term rental or AirBnb

Whether you decide to rent your property for short or long term - we professionally market your property, connecting you with qualified renters.

Property Maintenance

We keep your property in good condition, handling regular upkeep as well as responding to emergencies so you don’t have too.

Rent Collection & Bill Payment

Enjoy the profits of your property rental stress free. We collect and make sure rent is paid on time as well as all utilities and bills.

Renter Satisfaction

The end goal of our service is to keep happy renters in your property or visitors coming back again and again. Providing seamless service and making the rental of a property a positive experience for both sides is what makes real estate investment a success.

Property Management

Property Management

Real Estate as an Investment


Rent your property through First Estates and maximise the return of your real estate investment.

Our property management service is all about making your investments function like investments instead of another job. We will assess your property, prepare, market and rent it on your behalf - delivering your profit without engaging your time and energy. Schedule a property assessment with us.


  • Financial Planning & Acquisition
  • Design & Remodeling
  • Rental, maintenance, Rent Collection

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