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Financing & Mortgages

How we can assist you?

At First Estates we aim to make acquiring your property a smooth and efficient process. We offer a selection of in-house services to save clients time and money. We partner with expert consultants to assist in acquiring and structuring mortgages. Understanding the options available for financing a property is vital to laying the grounds for a profitable real estate investment.

  • We evaluate your income and the potential amount you are eligible to be received in bank financing to determine your actual property budget.
  • We explain the whole mortgage process
  • We help you gather the required documents for a mortgage
  • We select the banks that meet your personal preferences

High-Level Expertise

Beyond standard financing assistance, at First Estates we work with clients to take on less common and more challenging acquisitions.

  • Special Cases
  • Structuring bridge mortgage loans
  • Mortgages for land and construction
  • Mortgages for foreign citizens
  • Renegotiating the terms of an existing mortgage
  • Although Bulgarian banks do not give loans to foreigners unless they have been granted a long-term residency; we have strong connections with some national banks and depending on the case, can assist in securing bank financing.


Expert Team

Experienced professionals with an exceptional understanding of the market and financial parameters

Client Care

Our team supports you through every step of the whole mortgage process.

Expert Negotiations

The credit consultant negotiates on your behalf with the banks for the best possible terms.

Free Consulting

Our credit consulting services are free of charge to the client!

Contact us for a free credit consultation.