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More Than Just Real Estate Vol.1 - Borianna Vatova

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More Than Just Real Estate Vol.1 - Borianna Vatova



More Than Just Real Estate Vol.1 - Borianna Vatova

Excited to introduce our new project More Than Just Real Estate in partnership with Tatiana Lebedyanskaya (@tattio), a photographer and content creator based in Sofia.

Our project highlights the moment when a space becomes more than just property; it transforms into a source of power and inspiration.

We interviewed amazing people — from artists to designers and business owners — each with a uniquely special space and journey.

They open their doors to share their stories.

We are happy to start our project with a very sophisticated fashion persona. We met Borianna Vatova in her home studio and talked about her vision and the special connection between her home and working space.

Currently Borianna is building her own fashion brand called MIZŪMI, which honors personal identity and the strength of character. The philosophy of MIZŪMI is that a woman's individuality should determine her aesthetic appearance, not the dictates of the brand. MIZŪMI appeals to the deep inner essence, as an experience of art, individualism, and presence in the moment.

Alongside the fashion brand, she offers "Personal Branding" and "Personal Styling" services. She works closely with clients to create looks that complement their style and reflect their essence, emphasizing individuality and self-expression. Explore her identity on her personal website.

How does the space where you live and work inspire your creativity?

I love minimalism, with plenty of light and air. My studio is almost a monochromatic space, which serves as a backdrop for my experiments. The creative center of my studio is the mood board, which is a concentration of ideas and images that inspire me at the moment.

What inspires you as a designer to create a specific model or an entire collection?


My inspiration comes from concepts of space, freedom, and light. I believe that fashion should not overshadow identity but highlight its essence, energy, and presence. My designs are created to allow women and men to express their strength and freedom through clean forms and minimalism.


What is your style/signature?


The style in which I create is minimalist and clean, with a focus on silhouette. I strive to create clothes with pure silhouettes and logically positioned lines. Clothes that allow women and men not just to be noticed but to be remembered, leaving an unforgettable mark with their presence and energy.


At the core of my philosophy is the belief that fashion should not overshadow the wearer but rather highlight their true essence. In a world often lost in uniformity, I don't want to showcase clothes; I want to showcase: identity, strength of character, self-expression, straightforwardness.


How would you describe a typical workday for you?


My workday begins with careful planning and research. I spend time analyzing trends and materials, then immerse myself in the design process. It is important for me to maintain a balance between creativity and business processes. My work also includes communication with the team and partners to ensure that all elements of the brand are presented consistently and inspiringly.


Do you like to surround yourself with meaningful things that have an impact on your work?

Yes, I am very interested in Feng Shui philosophy, and I have a magical Chinese amulet that found me in a special way. I saw it and felt an immediate connection, like it was made for me. It is a bit sunburnt, but that makes it even more special and an energetic symbol to me. This amulet embodies the seven crucial directions in life: health, love, wealth, prosperity, luck, success, career, and home and family. Placed above the entrance of my home or office, it brings these seven blessings. For me, it is the perfect embodiment of Feng Shui, a constant reminder of balance and harmony. 


What do you want to show the world with your fashion creations?


With my fashion creations, I want to show the world that fashion can be a means of self-expression and individuality. I want women to feel confident and free when wearing MIZŪMI and to radiate their essence without being lost behind stereotypes. Fashion, to me, is a way to highlight beauty and strength.


She is decisive. Before she shoots, she aims carefully, taking enough time to calculate, to research, and then shoots straight at the target. She makes only one move, and it is the best one.


 Strength of character, self-expression, straightforwardness.



And the last question – share 3 of your favorite places in Sofia


My favorite three places in Sofia are:

Bar: Ж, Sabale, All U Re

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