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Special exhibition in B-52 building during “KvARTal Festival, 2022: The little things”

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Special exhibition in B-52 building during “KvARTal Festival, 2022: The little things”



Special exhibition in B-52 building during “KvARTal Festival, 2022: The little things”

First Estates goes beyond the traditional perception of real estate and open houses. We are happy to share that we will be part of the KvARTal Festival 2022: The Little Things! Under this heading, on September 16, 17 and 18, a city fest will be held for the seventh year in a row, which will spread over the familiar perimeter between Dondukov, Vasil Levski, Slivnitsa and Maria Luiza boulevards. It will prove to all residents and guests of the capital that Sofia can have its own place for culture, entertainment and an active lifestyle!

B-52 – where architecture meets art 

The art event is part of the initiative for an art quarter in Sofia. It aims to show the cultural potential of the area where the unique B-52 building is located, comfortably nestled at 52 Budapest Street.

Its retro charm and clean look fit harmoniously into the historic district. During the three days of the festival, we open the doors of one of the townhouses to transform the space into a centre for contemporary art and a place for cultural events that will provoke the public.

Art goes to them - mother, father and son make a joint exhibition in Building B-52

First Estates and Building B-52 present the exhibition "THE ROAD TO COMPLETION" by IVAYLO SAVOV, HELEN ZAKA and ZACHARY POPOV. The talented family will bring an artistic touch to the audience in a pristine urban environment.

Immerse yourself in the world of art and visit the exposition with unique sculptures, colorful and graphic works.

IVAYLO SAVOV is one of the leading names in contemporary Bulgarian sculpture with participation in the European art salons: EUROP ART, Geneva - presented by the French gallery "Leal", Paris - 1992 MERK ART, Lugano - presented by the Swiss gallery "Zabbeni" - 2004 HART EXPO ”, Barcelona – presented by the Spanish “Art Nou Mill. Leni" - 2016. Foundations, companies and collectors own his works from 33 countries Europe, Russia, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, Lebanon, Israel, Malaysia, China, India and Japan. He has worked with an auction house Hôtel des Ventes, Geneva since 2004.

The main highlight of the exhibition will be the bronze sculpture with coloured glass "Bench for Lovers". "The Protection", "Orpheus" and "Composition" are just some of the other sculptural compositions and individual sculptures that will be available to see on site.

HELEN ZAKA is the artistic pseudonym of the author of paintings Elena Zacharieva. Born in Sofia, graduated in "French Philology" at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", and also studied at an art academy in Paris. He works mainly in the field of monotype.

During the three days of the KvARTal Festival, Helen Zaka's monotypes will come to life in the interior space of one of the unique townhouses in the B-52 building. "Forest", "Heat", "Short Meeting", "Summer Rain" and "Morning" are some of the works that will provoke the imagination of visitors.

ZACHARY POPOV was born in Sofia, graduated from the International Lyceum, Ferriere-Voltaire (France) in 2008, and studied Political Science at the Universities of Lausanne and Kyoto. He has a master's degree in media and cultural production from S.O.A.S. University, London. He is a hereditary artist, one of those children who carry art within themselves from birth.

Growing up in a family of artists, he fell in love with art and culture. Zach, as his friends call him, is a master of the brush. He will transfer his passion for painting to the facade of the B-52. In front of the audience, he will paint graffiti on the building's transformer box.