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How to Make Your Home Cozy in Winter

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How to Make Your Home Cozy in Winter



How to Make Your Home Cozy in Winter

The upcoming holidays are definitely affecting the mood uplifting, but how do we prolong these pleasant emotions and get more cozy moments home? Here are some quick-start ideas for a cozy and hygge* indoor experience or how to prepare your home for the winter and the holidays.

In winter, the day is noticeably shorter and the evening is longer. Then the need for complementary light for the dark days of the home increases. Putting artificial lights or candles on the ledges and tables will not only add to the festive mood, but also create a genuine comfort. It is no coincidence that Denmark is the nation that uses the most candles per capita. We can easily explain it with the harsh winter weather in this Scandinavian country, which is also one of the happiest. Another idea that we can bring to our country comes from Germany and is Christmas related. They light one candle every Sunday in December, counting down the days until Christmas.

The first major cold days are the perfect time to put wool carpet in the living room if we are in the habit of using them seasonally. In addition to providing natural warmth, the carpeted floor gives a completely different feeling of comfort in the room. So we can only walk around and we won't have to worry about the kids getting cold. During the winter months, the use of textiles made from natural fabrics gives us an extremely pleasant feeling of touch. Whether it's a warm blanket for the afternoon nap, a vest, or comfortable soft pillows, they will make us feel comfortably for longer at home.

Drinking a warm glass of your favorite drink in front of the fireplace with an interesting novel in your hand is an experience for the body and soul. The preparation of the fireplace in the fall will ensure that we have these warm family moments in the winter. So it's time to light the fireplace and enjoy the heat of the fire.

The color interior can also make us feel Christmas even closer. Red, green and gold are great for transforming our home and extending the holiday mood. Replace decorative pillow cases with Christmas pillow cases, decorate vases with dark green fir branches. Use natural materials for other decorations - cones, cinnamon sticks and fruits. Don't you associate the aroma of fresh orange with Christmas?

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