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How does your neighbourhood rank?

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How does your neighbourhood rank?



How does your neighbourhood rank?

Luxury dwelling interiors could make you fall in love with an apartment, but they could not suffice alone for a true dream home. Finding a location suitable to your standards is as important for your enjoyable living. The specialists in premium residential properties, First Estates, have created this useful infographic to help you find your way through current purchase costs of real estate in our capital.

Attention is given to the southern and southwestern parts of the city, which are regarded as most favorable and prestigious, respectively. Neighborhoods are presented in terms of average purchase price for a square meter as well as of general aesthetics and lifestyle offered. 

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Curiously enough, the region of the Doctor’s Garden –with its aristocratic old apartments, freshly renovated park and high-level administrative surroundings – offers the most expensive living spaces in Sofia, beating even the Top Center in pricing. The true Center falls behind with its only drawback of being a little louder and a bit less green. There is also the trick of apartments occupying fourth floor or higher, as many old buildings have no lift.

Purchase prices decline sharply for the northern – underdeveloped, parts of the good, old Center, where building are still neglected and the social circle is a bit under question. Yet, the area offers great opportunities for investment with its spacious, Viennese style apartments and with the actual potential for transforming into another lovely part of Sofia's historic center in the near future.

Cost become more favorable, when districts lie further than 4 km away from the Center. Many of those boroughs still have fast access to the city center with the spread of Sofia's metro. The majority border superb recreational areas as the enormous South Park or Hunter's Park, or the smaller but lovely Park Geo Milev. Lozenets's new part, Manastirski Livadi and Vitosha offer manifold options for homes with modern architecture.

Real estate purchase prices in Sofia kept rising, with a slow pace, for the last few yearly quarters - the latest with an increase of 5-7 % - which creates a stable investment climate. Properties located in Top Center or Oborishte grew dearer with whole 15 % since the start of the year.

Text created in partnership with Vagabond Magazine