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Meet Nele Demeulenaere


Meet Nele Demeulenaere



Meet Nele Demeulenaere

My name is Nele Demeulenaere. I'm Belgian and living with my family in Sofia over 8 years. Job of my husband send us to this gorgeous city Sofia.

I have worked in a bank. There I learned dealing with clients, team members. I've done a lot of volunteering work. I was head of the parent teacher organization. We were organizing a lot of events. I had a great team around me and this made us very successfully. I've had my own company in Belgian waffles. And now I'm working in the real estate where I can use my expertise that I 've gathered during the years.

Here in First Estates I'm dealing mainly with foreign customers. As Sofia, Bulgaria in general is growing, more foreign people wants to move here or like to invest.  This can be for studying, working, doing some investments, living etc. I'm dealing mainly everything selling, buying, renting.

I’m playing tennis, doing sports in general, travelling and having a drink with friends.

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