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Cheat boredom into having fun this winter in Sofia

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Cheat boredom into having fun this winter in Sofia



Cheat boredom into having fun this winter in Sofia

For most people winter is associated with cold weather, scarce daylight and the prevailing boredom. This is why the following lines come in to help you / or at least try / look with other eyes at winter. There are several options in the city and its outskirts that will improve your mood after the holidays. And why not to fall in love with winter? 

The proximity of Vitosha to Sofia is probably one of the biggest advantages of the capital. It is the fifth highest mountain, making it one of the highest in Bulgaria. What closer to a winter place than that? Just because of the fair amount of snow from December to April, which covers its slopes, it offers many winter activities for you to go down. If you don't know where to start, a good chance to rediscover it in the winter is to join the World Snow Day on January 26th when will be organized  various competitions, snow biking, downhill skiing and many other activities during which you will not be bored. The winter chalets in the Western part of the mountain offer warm accommodation after a long hike in the mountains.

A casual walk in the park is always a good idea, especially if there is fresh snow during the night. Along with the well-known Borisova Garden and the South Park, from personal experience I recommend the Military Academy Park, which is especially picturesque in winter. The park was established as early as 1906, and the building of the castle-like military school itself is a cultural monument. If you continue forward it, you can combine it with a visit to thе National Museum of Military History. And while the Military Academy park is easily accessible, another treasure is hidden in the outskirts of Sofia, most often visited in spring and summer. We are presenting you the Vrana Park Museum. The place becomes a true winter wonderland with fresh snow and I guarantee that winter can make you fall in love with it. The fresh air, the fine selection of tree species brought here from all over the world and wide  alleys with benches will definitely diversify your day and at the same time make you feel like you are in a Scandinavian country.

In the meantime, learn how to make your home cozy in winter.

Ice skating is definitely not for everyone, but it is a great way to combine a fun experience with body movement. Even though we are far from being a country with a well-developed ice sports, the interest in the recent years is constantly increasing. A favorite place in winter is the seasonal ice rink on Lake Ariana. At the same time, the ice field in the Winter Palace in the Student City is open all year round. Another alternative as part of the effort to enhance the sporting culture in Sofia is the ice rink in Zone B-5, where instructors can give the first lessons to the most avid enthusiasts.

Outdoor hot mineral pool. The hot steam contrasts with the winter landscape around. Even though the view of Bulgaria is often exotic - I am talking about naked people outside in the winter; preparing for cold weather is regularly practiced in the Northern parts of the continent. You probably already remembered what place I was talking about - the thermal water swimming pool is on the shore of Pancharevo Lake. The water in it is over 30 degrees even in January, and if you get cold you can enter the sauna or steam room. Unlike in the summer, when parking is a real challenge, the place is much quieter even on winter weekends. 

If these winter activities are already well known to you and you want something more exciting outside the city, then the following suggestion may appeal to you. In January and February there are numerous Kuker festivals in the small villages around Sofia. Both young and elderly from all regions of the country take part in them; Survakar fires are lit in the villages, and in most cases there is a competition program. They are organized in order to scare away the evil forces, and with them to scare away the winter too. But are you sure you really want to say goodbye to the variety of snow adventures that winter has to offer?

Author: Nikolay Shabarkov

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