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5 Top Trends in Exterior Landscaping in 2019


5 Top Trends in Exterior Landscaping in 2019



5 Top Trends in Exterior Landscaping in 2019

Exterior landscaping is often a mandatory element of the courtyard, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the respective style of the building - a house, a cooperative, a villa. It brings us close to nature and can develop an interesting concept of a particular space.

Today we will share a few landscaping trends that will probably lead us choosing vegetation and will prevail in the next 12 months and why not for a long time:

Following world design trends in exterior projects, landscaping comes out of its typical role and begins to acquire other functions.​

Functional elements are no longer a brave architectural solution, but rather a necessity in consumers’ demands. They are looking for complex outdoor functions that are cleverly designed to serve more than one purpose - a partition wall with landscaping, a bench with a built-in flower pot, a table which allows you to integrate a tree or bush, etc.​

Many people want a beautiful garden, but most of them are not really willing to engage in maintenance that takes too much time and effort. Because of the busy lifestyle, lack of time and the skills required to maintain outdoor landscaping, they would prefer to have a garden that offers them a relaxing environment with little effort. Therefore, plant species that require less care are often sought. The main species used are mostly perennial plants that are grouped according to their water needs.​

The trend towards a healthier lifestyle, especially in urban and suburban areas, where the quality of the environment is getting lower, many young people are looking for a way to grow garden plants for direct consumption - especially spices. There are already many solutions for a mini herb garden that allow maintaining terrace in small spaces, automated irrigation and even remote-monitoring.​

The biggest trends in technology include new ways to improve and customize open spaces. This is an exciting time for landscaping, where technologies synchronize with our yard. Selective irrigation systems become more and more popular such as mobile garden lighting management applications, wireless audio systems for extra entertainment and atmosphere creation, and vertical gardens for consumption.​

The construction of a secluded place in the yard surrounded by lush vegetation is usually appealing to those who need seclusion, rest and silence. This type of exterior solutions can be completed by water addition, which raise the feeling of a natural environment.

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The material was prepared in collaboration between Botanic Lab and First Estates.

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