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At home from anywhere in the world - Home on Wheels

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At home from anywhere in the world - Home on Wheels



At home from anywhere in the world - Home on Wheels

You are a traveler, but do you love your home as well? You are reading the right article. How about a mobile house on wheels as you travel around the world?

Even if you are not so much a fan of travel and life on the move, you will be surprised by the variety of possibilities offered by the homes on wheels.

The variety of such houses is enormous. They look seemingly small, but they are actually quite spacious than they are at first glance. For example, a house of 13 square meters can have a living room that transforms into a dining area, a large kitchenette, a bathroom and a comfortable bedroom on the upper floor.

The limited space you have, in fact, enables you to unleash your potential and invent creative ways to maximize it.

We will share with you a real story. Guillaume and Jenna Spesard - (a young family from America) decide to get out of the repetitive daily life of the modern world and taking a long trip.

For the realization of their dream, they have prepared a three-point plan: Build a house on wheels, tour North America within a year, and write a book about the alternative way of life.

Without any experience, but with much desire and research, they both managed to build their small home for six months, then go on a journey. They have met interesting and adventurous people on the way. Jenna records their life stories, thanks to which their portrayal of different lifestyles in North America is born.

Regardless of the amount of budget you have, remember that it is more important to know how to realize your dreams. 

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