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Why to invest in home automatization systems?

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Why to invest in home automatization systems?



Why to invest in home automatization systems?

In previous topics, we commented on the benefits of “smart home” users: comfort, economy, security and entertainment. At the same time, they are seen as expensive and unreliable luxury, and actually reality is different.

The technology behind the most popular automation systems is the so-called "KNX" communication protocol. It is the only world-recognized standard for automation of residential, public and hotel projects that is supported by more than 450 world-wide manufacturers, universities and development centers.

Why is this important for investors? Because they are not tied to a particular firm or solution provider. The "KNX" system can be built, serviced and maintained by any certified integrator. In Bulgaria the partners are over 60, in Germany - over 15 000, and in Europe - over 100 000! Any product can be replaced by another manufacturer's analogue, and this will not affect the functioning of the system in any way - an extremely important plus for any investor.

One of the most common methods of building a "smart home" system is cabling, which enables both standard electrical installation and automation. This gives the freedom of each owner to decide whether (and when) to have automation in his home.

On the one hand, installing such a system without the need for additional repairs is a valuable added value for the owners, on the other hand, is a strategic move for investors to demonstrate their uniqueness, innovative thinking and message to the market.

The ability to quickly change home systems coupled with a family offer to buy a 2-bedroom apartment to manage lighting, heating, blinds and home consumers via mobile devices is provoking smiles on the faces of investors' customers Smartity works.

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