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How the automatization systems can adapt to each customer‘s needs

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How the automatization systems can adapt to each customer‘s needs



How the automatization systems can adapt to each customer‘s needs

One of the biggest advantages of the automatization systems is their potential to adapt to the individual needs of every user. When you choose the system “Smart home”, no matter if integrated in your office, home, a hotel, or an administrative building, it is created and conformed to your specific requirements.

One of the main reasons to be preferable and used is that they are not standard or ready, but are flexible and depend on the intentions and the technical competence of your system integrator.

Each project begins with the first phase – preparation of the inquiry. Although it is a key one, it is often the underestimated one. At this point all the important parameters such as functionalities, systems, which are going to be managed, technical details and etc. have to be prepared clearly. As more detailed the task is prepared, the better the conception and the result, which you will have.

Our advice for you is to plan enough time for your assignment. It will save you much time, funds and even discomfort during the next phases of the process. The preparation might need the expert requirements of the contracting authority, the executor, the architect and the designer. Аfter that the project has to be created.

Now we are going to share with you how the authomatization systems adapt to its’ customers. There should be strict requirements to the systems, clearly created assignment and as next step – a good plan.

We recommend you to pay attention on the following points during the process – what are the systems, which you would like to manage – lighting, shadowing, heating and ventilation systems, distance control and think on what you like to use in future.

The good designer will take into consideration all the details in order for you to obtain the best system, which will meet all your current and fuiture needs.

Smartity obligation is to present you the functionalities, the systems, the scale and the type of the system, which is most suitable for you.

The next step is the implementation schedule, which is based on the detailed assignment and will give guidance to the executor about the implementation.

We recommend you not to rush and to take your time to create your conception for the system “Smart home”. Give complete freedom to your ideas and do not worry about the possibility for their realization. You will be pleasantly surprised how real could be your dreams.  

One last blink from “Smartity”: “The good system integrator likes to be challenged by the customers – try and see how useful it can for you."

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